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This essay tries to answer two philosophical points of view the Platonic which is more about living a good and just life or the Machiavellian which is summed up by; the means justify the ends. Both of these views have their own ethical way to bring about justice in the beholders eyes. The scene I’m going to use portrays the final part of the trial of Private Santiago's murder, Colonel Jessup is testifying and being cross examined by Lieutenant Kaffee, from the film A Few Good Men. “In this dramatic courtroom thriller, Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee, a Navy lawyer who has never seen the inside of the courtroom, defends two stubborn Marines who have been accused of murdering a colleague. Kaffee is known as being lazy and had arranged for a plea bargain. Downey's Aunt Ginny appoints Cmdr. Galloway to represent him. Also on the legal staff is LTJG Sam Weinberg. The team rounds up many facts and Kaffee is discovering that he is really cut out for trial work. The defense is originally based upon the fact that PFC Santiago, the victim, was given a "CODE RED". Santiago was basically a screw-up. At Gitmo, screw-ups aren't tolerated. Especially by Col. Nathan Jessup. In Cuba, Jessup and two senior officers try to give all the help they can, but Kaffee knows something's fishy. In the conclusion of the film, the fireworks are set off by a confrontation…show more content…
The moment when Col. Jessup screams out “YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH”, is instrumental in knowing that the injustice he was hiding from everyone was about to come out. Lt. Kaffee stayed the course by replying that “I WANT THE TRUTH” is demanding justice for his clients. This scene is the climax of the entire movie where good versus evil have their final battle, where if good does not stand up and show the virtues that being just instills then evil will show how being unjust is the better road for others to

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