A Few Good Men Rhetorical Analysis

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The importance of the pen writing on the legal pad in the beginning of the movie is strobl writing about his journey with PFC Phelps. The movie was like the story that he was writing on the airplane by the end of the movie. He wrote about the people who respected him and how he respected him because he was a PFC with six ribbons. Stories he heard about him by listen to other people.

At the beginning of the movie before strobl came in contact with him; phelps was on an army airplane and brought him to a place where they clean the dead soldiers. Before they take him off the airplane they say a prayer to the soldiers. After they took him off the airplane they went inside and started to wash and clean him off. They would take his personal stuff and
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But before strobl could get him he had to wait for others; as others when by he stand at attention. Before he went they showed strobl his stuff and gave him a flag to give to his parents, but they would get another one is because his parents are divorced. As he got in the car he had flashbacks of when they was washing him, taking pictures, and washing his personal stuff. As he was in the car driving down there; he was talking to him asking why should our soldiers be over there fighting. Before they got out to the airplane he had to check and make sure it was phelps in the box.when he first when through the medals deterrence; the man wanted him to put phelps personal stuff though and jacket medals off but he didn't because it took many hours to put the ribbons and medals back on. He asked to be wanded but the man was like just take your jacket medals. During every time they got on or off the airplane he checked to make sure it was phelps. There was many times when he was getting off and on the airplane when people was showing respect. Some stuck out more than others. He was sitting on the airplane and the lady gave him a cross, but he soon relixed it wasn't for him. It was for phelps family to say
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