A Filipino Hero: The Life Of Jose Rizal

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It has been more than a hundred years since Jose Rizal was executed and his death became one of the most infamous deaths in Philippine history. Although it was years ago, his death is still being remembered and not just his death but his life as well. Numerus academes studied Rizal’s life and wrote several articles about it as well as made several documentaries. If you asked a 7-year-old child to name a Filipino hero, there common answers would be Jose Rizal because children as young as grade schoolers were already taught about who Rizal was. It’s uncanny for a Filipino to not know who Jose Rizal is or has never heard his name. But why is the life of someone who died several years ago, still being taught in different schools and being talked about, not to mention even being worshipped by some? Rizal served as an inspiration to the Filipinos especially on the youth. One of the reasons for him inspiring the Filipino was that he stands for what he believes in and his principles never wavered. At an early age, Rizal wrote poems critical of the Spanish colonization which was quite surprising for a little boy to worry about. While most boys would play outside and run back home when the Spanish soldiers came close, Rizal stayed home and read books and quietly observed the oppressive world he was living in. He aspired and fought for reform for the Philippines even though he could have stayed in Europe and live a peaceful life. He was not born underprivileged but with wealth. He
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