A Fool Sees Not The Same Tree Analysis

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Once a wise man once said “A Fool Sees not the same tree that a wise man sees” By William Blake, if people get what this guy is saying he mean one man might see something in the tree like a sign from god or something and another man look at it in the way people look at money or profit into which sell to people to make houses for money that 's what myself think he is trying to say. And myself think johnny is the wise man that 's a hero from the book outsiders, hero to me means brave no limit and a hero does not need to be strong,nice,big or even have superpowers that what think when myself see a hero. Now Johnny was something special have people ever seen someone that would kill someone in the face of danger that he know if does not do…show more content…
Johnny face his decision and myself think he did the right thing and why myself also think johnny the hero of this story because also who can keep a lot of his friends together and would help any of his friends if they asked or can deal with his parents beating and screaming at him and never lose hope of running away or leaving his friends and giving up and myself know this isn 't even related to this johnny went through some stuff that never should 've happened to him and now back to the story a hero is someone who is brave and has no limit at stopping at what they believe in, now you might think dallas or pony boy could have been a better hero but in my perspective they both had done stupid stuff like pony did he fell asleep in the parking lot and didn 't come and dally was worried and then he hit him that made him run away with johnny and that hurt johnny and because pony had to hang out with cheery and the other that were socs and the put them in a bad situation and that made it bad because that led to johnny having to pony and that 's not a hero it might not of been his fault if didn 't run away, and dallas could not have been the hero because with all of his fight and stuff and time in jail plus what type of hero slash peoples tires because they 're mad at

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