A Fool Will Never Be Happy By Luciana Cardi

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By mirroring the flip side of the reality, it reveals the disunity in the construction of the social roles of “wife” as a housekeeper and a sexual entertainer and of “husband” as the economic supporter and the master of a pet like a woman. A man gets married a woman to take care of his children and family. As the king of Snow White’s father got married a woman to take care of his daughter. But it twists the model of femininity carried by “Snow White with the Seven dwarfs,” and highlights the conflict of woman’s representation. At one side women are weak, innocent and other side represent the power of the reputation; because Snow White was an innocent and her stepmother was a powerful woman because she got the reputation from her husband. When her father died, she received the…show more content…
Her evil mother has a magic mirror, when her magic mirror says, Snow White is a thousand times more beautiful than her; the evil mother hearts turn against Snow White. She devises a plan to get rid of her because she doesn’t want anyone who more beautiful than her. Her evil mother uses her power and attempts to kill her. In the story of “A Fool Will Never Be Happy," Luciana Cardi as the author of the article Kurahashi Yumiko is the author of the story "Shirayuki Hime." Kurahashi Yumiko was Retelling the story of “Shirayuki Hime” and describes how the “Angel Doll” turned into a fool. In the beginning of the story, following her stepmother’s order the huntsman decided to kill her. “Without hesitation, the woodsman stripped her naked, amused himself with her, and, having satisfied his desires, decided to strangle her.” (Yumiko, 33). In this quote portrays that, the huntsman attempted to kill her without any doubt because he was willing to kill her to benefit himself. He thought If he can kill her the Queen will have amused to him and rewarded him for the
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