A Forbidden Necessity: Prostitution

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A Forbidden Necessity: Prostitution
A queen is a queen and a jack is a jack, but a whore is still a lady. When people think of the word prostitute, images of a dirty and sick lifestyle race through their head, well that is just a stereotype. Prostitution is known as the world’s oldest profession and today it takes many forms, from dangerous street walking to luxury brothels. In summary, women, and men, prostitute themselves when they grant sexual access for money, gifts, or other payment and in doing so use their body in commodity. Pascoe (2012) explains, “… sexuality refers to sex acts and sexual identities, but it also encompasses a range of meanings associated with these acts and identities. The meanings that vary by social class, location,
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There’s a stylish license brothel, Stiletto, in Australia, Sydney. The documentary states, “Some earn the equivalent of 170,000 US dollars a year, putting them in the top 10% of Australian earners” (Long, 2010). This type of prostitution provides more income than most jobs and allows them a higher degree of freedom. For the most part, some women are fortunate to have real choices and select this path because it suits them. Prostitution is a profitable profession, especially when compared to the wages that unskilled women command in the other professions available to them. In general, women who become sex workers would likely be relegated to low-wage service sector jobs if they were to enter the traditional workforce. Therefore, wages paid to women in ordinary industries cannot compete with the wages, in which attractive women of quite ordinary ability can earn by prostitution. The profession is low skill, labor-intensive, predominantly female, and well paid. Prostitution is a very practical way for women to survive especially those who are far away from their families or who have no one to help them…show more content…
In the documentary Whores’ Glory, a Madam of one of the Indian brothels is interviewed. She illustrates the vicious cycle that befalls women involved in the sex industry:
This is our whole life. What else do we have? Think of my daughter. Because her mother is a whore, no one will marry her… When I am very old, I won’t be able to support her. She’ll have no choice. She’ll become a whore. The outside world pushes us out of the way to make room. Those people are clients. Outside their disgusted by us: in here, they love us and our bodies (Glawogger,
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