A Foster Program Essay

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Based on the problem regarding the limited space of shelters unable to support numerous number of strays, a foster program can be introduced. This is one of the program that can help to improve the life of homeless pets.
This foster program is for those who are love and passionate enough to animals to provide a temporary loving home for strays and become a temporary foster parent for them before they are being adopted. They just need to provide space, love and care to the respective stray and take the strays to any vet appointment as schedule. Our company will provide the foster parents the daily needs of the stray such as cages, food, shampoo and as well as medical expenses. The most important things is before sending the stray to the foster home, they will first be vaccinated and neutered to avoid any unwanted consequences. By doing this program, we can make sure that the stray can get a better care. This is because in a shelter, they might not get the best care if it is
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This will be the great idea because they can get extra love and care while waiting for their temporary home. For anyone who are willing and capable of providing foster care to the stray are welcome to join this program. For sure this will be a lifesaving gift for the animals.
There are some people will doubt that this program…and refuse to foster any animals even though they are able to just because to them allow the animals to be adopted to another home after establish a bond with their foster is a second abandonment. However, this is not the case, this faster program is a lifesaving bridge for strays so that they have a chance to get used to the life in a house. With this foster program, they are given opportunity to learn that there are still have people who are kind, there are secure place to sleep and foods are always
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