Reflection Paper On Civic Engagement

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Civic engagement reflection My civic engagement experiences were fun and scary at times because of the fact that some of them I’ve never done before and was afraid of messing up on what I was doing. But when I did the yard work and helping around someone 's house it was fun becuase it brought joy and happiness to their faces. When I help out at the wrestling tournaments I did the scoring When I never did that before I never even knew how it was scored and I was afraid that I wasn 't doing it right. When I did the concession stand I loved it because I could make food. When I donated blood during the blood drive never even thought about doing that so I never knew what to expect so it was fascinating. Overall of my civic engagement experiences had one thing in common it brought joy and happiness to mine and everyone 's faces. My overall growth as a citizen make me want to help more people and people in need. My growth as a citizen has taught me to appreciate life more and make a difference in my community. Also it has made me want to bring more and more joy and happiness to…show more content…
The blood drive taught me there is was to help people in need without having to do other stuff. My civic engagement from the wrestling tournament have taught me to take action and manage my time better. My civic engagement growth has taught me to in front of people which helped me on my interview for my two jobs. It has also taught me that I need to take action and study and turn my work in on time all of my civic engagement has shown me that dreams are possible you just have to take action and work to make them happen. Overall my growth demonstrates initiative by showing others how i manage my time to be involved in my community and take action and not let anyone control my life and let me make my own
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