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A Funny Story that Means Something Depression is looked at in many ways. It’s also wildly misunderstood mainly because most people don’t understand the effect it can have on a person. It’s Kind of a Funny Story, a coming of age novel for young adults written by Ned Vizzini, touches on different people and the effect mental illness has on them. The story follows Craig Gilner, a teen dealing with the pressure of growing up, trying to make his parents proud, and planning out his future all while struggling to keep himself from drowning in his deepening sadness and anxiety. Now this book may sound like a complete downer and what you would automatically associate when you think of depression, but it’s so much more than that. Readers are able to…show more content…
Now we were getting into the real meat. Dr. Barney was cuddly enough, but I was sure that if you gave him a straightjacket he’d be able to handle it just fine, coaxing you into it and leading you to a very comfortable room with soft walls and a bench where you could sit looking at a one-way mirror and telling people you were Scrooge McDuck. (How did they make one-way mirrors, anyway?) I knew I had problems, but I also knew I wasn’t crazy. I wasn’t schizo. I didn’t hear voices. Well, I heard that one voice, the army guy, but that was my voice, just me trying to motivate myself. I was not going to get thrown in the looney bin. (Vizzini…show more content…
Craig’s story is relatable in many ways to people of all ages who are experiencing frightening thoughts they are not used too. Seeing first hand that you are not alone and that it’s ok to not feel normal all the time. Realizing that you need help if things are becoming too much to handle and that being honest with friends and family can show you that you have support really can make a difference in changing yourself for the better. The journey that Craig goes through shows what it’s like to fight with one’s mind and come out victorious. This book makes you want to cheer for Craig’s bravery and laugh along with him as he grows and learns what it’s like to take charge on his own self and become the person he wants to
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