A Genuine Value In William Maxwell's TRHW

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A Genuine Value In William Maxwell’s TLWB, the author emphasizes the calmness of a wealthy couple toward meeting with a breakin by burglars. On the other hand, the story of D.H. Lawrence’s TRHW is about a boy who sacrifices himself because of going mad to fill his greedy mother’s desire of getting luck. Although these stories are completely differed in the story, it is common that both of the authors attempt to show the theme of gaining something ideal by losing something valuable. It can be also said in our actual lives because humans are destined to run up against this kind of wall because love and materialism are difficult to be incompatible, greed takes away our real happiness, and innocence often brings personal sacrifice. Love is far apart from materialism. A large number of people would be caught in this conflict at least once in a life. In the story of TLWB, the Coleman’s couple, especially Mrs. Coleman was attached to things stolen at first. Nevertheless, as they make sure of their love deeply, the safety and existence of each other becomes the first priority. After they have figured out that love is irreplaceable, they give up on the attachment to burgled materials. Although love is human basic need, as one of the famous proverbs “Love is blind.” Goes, we tend to become blind and lose common sense when we fall in love. Love is basically created by the influence of our ideals. Therefore, in order to foster a strong love between a couple, to ignore realistic things
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