A Gest Of Robyn Hode Theme Analysis

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Repaying debts, justice, friendship, charity, contests, the mixing of classes and good versus evil are important themes in A Gest of Robyn Hode. A lot of debts are repaid in A Gest of Robyn Hood, like the one the knight at the beginning of the story has to pay back to Saint Mary’s Abbey. At first, he is unable but willing to pay back, but when Robyn lends him money, he does pay the abbey. Later on, he has to pay Robyn back and does this generously, by not only giving him the required money, but crafting him nice bows and arrows as well. Justice plays an important role in as to why the characters in A Gest of Robyn Hode do things. Robyn and his men think it’s unjust that the knight has to give up his lands to the abbey, so they lend…show more content…
The knight he lends the money to does good deeds as well by helping the man that won the wrestling contest. A Gest of Robyn Hoods shows that charity is rewarded: when the knight in debt goes to the abbey and pretends he does not have the money yet, he does so to test the monks on their kindness. If they had given him more time to pay back his debt, he would have given them some extra money. Doing good makes up for bad things in A Gest of Robyn Hode. Robyn and his men are outlaws, but still they are good men. They commit crimes like theft, but they only steal from the rich and they do it for a good cause, which makes them ‘the good…show more content…
The sheriff symbolises corruption and an unjust regime, Robyn symbolises the opposite. The sheriff hides his treasures in his house, while Robyn symbolises generosity and gives what he has to the poor. Another contrast between the two is that the sheriff pretends to be a good person, when he is actually corrupted. He makes promises though he knows he will not fulfil them and tries to deceive Robyn by organising the archery contest. Robyn on the other hand, is an outlaw who steals and robs, but he means well and does these things for a good

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