A Gift For My Mother Short Story

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A Gift for My Mother Giving a gift is probably one of the best feelings in the world, but giving a gift to someone who really needs that gift is the best feeling in the world. In this story Lucy tells us about a memory that she remembered from her childhood. When she was only ten-year-old. She tells us how she worked hard to make her mother happy by giving her a gift. A gift that her mother would have enjoyed if she didn’t have so much pride. One day Lucy overhears her parents fighting over financial problems and from that moment she realized that her mother needs a gift that contain what her family needs. The short-story is written by Viv McDade in 2011. The first narrator in this story is Lucy. The narrator is ten years old and lives…show more content…
Lucy and her father have a really good relationship in the text you can’t see that he is a really loving father. One of the examples is that he calls her my precious and the fact that he stills calls her daughter precious when she is ten years old shows that he really cares about her. He is very good at explaining thing to Lucy when see has some problems with math. He never makes her feel stupid or makes her nervous. One thing that Lucy says in the story is that he is a better teacher then Mrs. Emmerson. Lucy’s mother is a really nice person. She’s a person that have a so much pride that she did even expect the gift that her daughter offended her. Lucy’s is really don’t happy that Lucy’s father jobs, she thinks that he should have a job that can’t has get the family a more money. Her mother is a housewife so the only income they have is from Lucy’s father. She also loves flowers. Lucy and her family is from south Africa where she grew up. She lives beside the bushveld where there are a lot of different flowers and trees. They live in an average neighborhood where there are family’s with kids. She doesn’t live in the heart of south Africa but outside the city where you often find
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