A Girl In The River Analysis

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A Girl in the River is a documentary that tells the story about the fight of a girl, Saba, who was a victim of an attempted honor killing at the hands of her father and uncle, for justice in a tradition bound and patriarchal society. She was shot in the head and thrown in a river by her own family; for not complying with their wishes and eloping with her husband. However, Saba survived to share her account with the world. This documentary sheds light on the loopholes in the system where you can be forgiven for honor killings. Saba was determined to fight for justice but due to family and societal pressure, she actually just had to succumb at the end. While watching the film, I realized that in this century to deal with the moral issues of abuse and oppression against women is a huge challenge. As the idea of patriarchy is deeply ingrained in one’s mind from an early age and there exist certain loopholes in the law that let people literally get away with murder when honor is the excuse. The film shows the mindset of the men in our society. Even after being released from jail, Saba’s uncle and father were determined on their side of the story that she bought shame to their family and deserved every bit of what happened. This statement clearly shows that because nobody has ever been punished for committing honor killing; therefore people do not see it as a crime. Also where her father makes a statement claiming that ‘I told my wife that I killed her daughter, she cried, and
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