A Global Business Case Study: Novartis International

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PROPOSAL ( to be 2000-3500 wds) Novartis International is a multinational health care and pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland, with over 140 branches worldwide. In December 1996 it undertook the largest corporate merger spending huge sums in the process to become Novartis. It is a world leader in the research and development of products to protect and improve health and well-being. The company’s success is largely dependent on its intellectual capital. It has committed to focus on research and development in order to bring innovative products to the communities it serves and to develop new skills to become a result driven organization, which has paid off in its strong financial performance. The company lives by its mission,” to discover,…show more content…
The reasons for this are to adapt its strategy to its current challenges in the pharmaceutical industry in order to maintain and increase their competitive advantages on a global scale. The impact of such a decision on internal communication alone is a monumental task in itself, and therefore will be interesting to explore in the contextual frame of a globalization paradigm. As part of the global HRIS team seeking the contract for the implementation process our aim is to develop a firm-wide Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that will convert many of the transaction-based HR core processes to an internet-based system using SAP technologies. For this reason we have developed four (4) main objectives to guide our operations: • To implement world class processes and systems • To provide HR data in an accurate and timely manner on a global…show more content…
This will involve a number of key components: • Supporting Content- delivery of content at the point where it is required in workflow guided process • SAP R/3- a core transaction processing system • SAP Business warehouse (BW) - provides decision support, information and analysis of the human resource data, which would make logical and global reporting much more easier, with a common “look and feel” for all reports. • An enterprise HR portal solution- The HRIS would integrate information and applications, as well as provide for personalization of data and desktop design. • Web-enabling- when implemented will allow employees to access the portal via the internet. While significant technical challenges for system implementation will exist, a key to the success of the global HRIS will be dependent on the organization acceptance of this new way of doing business. To facilitate this we have engaged the services of seasoned executives who are knowledgeable in many critical areas such as eHR, change management, systems implementation, SAP and the company Novartis. Our expertise will pave the way in leading the change effort, buy we will need the buy-in, cooperation and commitment of everyone, starting with

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