A Good Brother Character Analysis

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What a Good Brother
In the “Scarlet Ibis”, many different qualities are displayed that characterize Brother in many ways. He is given a brother that is exponentially different from others, a brother that was unable to walk by himself. Brother cared for him and did not want him to have to arrive at school unable to walk. As a big brother, he took it into his own hands to try to fix this problem, and pushed Doodle until he was able to walk on his own. There are many qualities that a upstanding brother should have to help a growing sibling thrive and be confident. These qualities contain being supportive, being patient, and helping with problems; all qualities that Brother did possess.
As a brother, one should always be supportive; thankfully, brother was not supportive, he was very supportive. He was disposed a brother that was not able to learn how to walk by himself! Doodle was five and still was not able to walk, and this was not a pleasant feeling for brother. “When Doodle was
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He basically scared Doodle into walking, by painting a picture of what it would look like if he never learned to walk! Scaring people into doing things, especially kids, is not the best way to do it! More importantly, Brother left Doodle to die in the end of the book! Though this was not on purpose, it leaves one clueless to why he would leave his struggling brother behind in a lightning storm! Obviously, that doesn’t classify him as a good brother, but there are many other reasons why he can be classified as a good brother. Namely, a good brother helps their siblings with their problems. “I would teach him to run, to swim, to climb trees, and to fight”(390). Brother did not stop after teaching Doodle to walk, he designed a program to prepare Doodle for school since he had never interacted with other kids in his life. The things he did for Doodle deserve recognition and classify him a “good
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