A Good Husband In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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A Good Husband There are some people that are very good husbands. But there are some husbands that are not good husbands at all . In the story Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie has three different husbands throughout the story. Her first husband is Logan Killicks and he is a landowner and Janie’s grandmother chose him as her first husband. Her second husband is Joe Starks and he is a successful businessman. Her third husband is Tea Cake and he is loving. Even though Logan Killicks has land and Joe Starks has money, they can not satisfy Janie like Tea Cake can because he is a good husband unlike them. Even though Logan Killicks has land, he is not a good husband for Janie. Logan is Janie’s first husband but she did not want to marry him.…show more content…
When Janie leaves Logan to go with Joe, she thinks Joe is her love of her life. But, when he becomes the mayor of Eatonville he changes. He now is very protective and controlling of Janie. He makes Janie wear a head rag to cover her hair. Joe says, “Her hair was NOT going to show in the store” (55). Joe is worried that the other men might touch Janie’s hair and he does not want that because he is really jealous. It is not right for Joe to tell Janie how to have her hair only because he his very jealous. Joe is also not a good husband because he just uses her as a trophy wife. The book says, “She was there in the store for him to look at, not those others” (55). He is just using Janie to look at in the store for his entertainment and nothing else. He also doesn’t respect her because he only has her as a “trophy wife” and to brag about her being his wife. Those are some examples of why Joe Starks is not a good husband for…show more content…
He isn’t able to provide a lot of stuff for Janie like Joe and Logan can. But he works very hard to provide for them and that satisfies Janie. Tea Cake says, “ Ah no need no assistance tuh help feed mah woman” (128). Tea Cake wants to take on the responsibility of providing for both of them. He doesn’t want to use any of Janie’s money she has. When Tea Cake and Janie first met, he would do things with her. The book says, “It was so crazy digging worms by the lamp light and setting out for Lake Sabelia after midnight that she felt like a child breaking rules” (102). Janie’s first two husbands, Logan and Joe would not do anything fun with Janie. Logan would have Janie working in the kitchen or the field and Joe would have her working in the store and have her as a “trophy wife” to look at. But Tea Cake was not like that. Those are some examples of why Tea Cake is a good husband unlike Logan Killicks and Joe Starks. Logan Killicks has land and Joe Starks has money. But they are unsuccessful satisfying Janie. The only person that could satisfy Janie is Tea Cake. The reason why Tea Cake could satisfy Janie is because he is a good husband. Some husbands are not good husbands at all. They will do nothing at all to help their wife. But there are some husband’s that will do anything to support and make their wife very
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