A Good Man Is Hard To Find Selfishness Essay

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In “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor, the author portrays the grandmother as self-centered, dishonest and prideful woman. The grandmother is an old, southern, Caucasian woman who describes herself as a good woman. Throughout the story, O’Connor shows how the grandmother’s pride, and selfishness leads her to unappreciated her family. She does not care about them, she only cares about herself and what will benefit her. The grandmother’s selfishness, judgmental actions, dishonesty put the family in danger. It is the grandmother’s selfishness that leads to the death of her family. The short story “A good Man is Hard to Find” teaches us that nothing good come from being selfish. Being selfish has plenty of consequences. One of them is that when you are selfish you or your loved once suffer. In the short story by O’Connor, the grandmother’s selfishness leads to the death of her family. In the beginning of the short story the grandmother reads about a criminal being on the loose. She tells her son…show more content…
Johnson talks about the different ways selfishness can be taken. It can either be good or bad. When it comes to good selfishness, it means that you are being selfish for the benefit of you and the other person. Now when it comes to bad selfishness, it consists of a person only thinking about themselves, of their own happiness. These actions have consequences, just like John said, “If you exploit people they become less likely to cooperate with you voluntarily” (PsychologyToday). We can relate this to “A Good Man is Hard to Find” because that is exactly what the grandmother did to her son Bailey. Bailey did not pay much attention to his mother because he already knew how manipulative and selfish she could be. The only reason why he did everything he did was for his kids. The grandmother would use the kids as targets to get what she wanted, because she knew Bailey would listen to them and not
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