A Good Man Is Hard To Find Character Analysis Essay

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Quashallia Potter
English 1101
May 31, 2015
A Good Man Is Hard To Find In the story, A Good Man Is Hard to Find, Flannery O ' Conner introduces many characters that have many different personalities. The one character that really caught my attention was the unnamed grandmother. She was one of the key individuals that manipulated, lied, and deceived many people. The grandmother also judged the lack of goodness in people and never looked at herself and inspected her on mistakes. Throughout the story, the meaning behind the grandmother’s manipulation was to have her way and get what she wanted from the different characters; for example, in the beginning of the story the grandmother did not want to go Florida on a family vacation
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When the family stops for lunch at the barbeque stand, the grandmother again brought up the conversation about the Misfit and the people that were there agreed with her by saying people is not nice as they used to be. As the family got back into the car, the grandmother still tries to persuade bailey about going to the house with the secret panel in it. Suddenly, while Bailey was driving down the road, the cat that the grandmother brought on the trip (which no one knew about) after Bailey told her not to bring the cat jumped on his shoulder, which leads them to run off the road which causes the car to flip. After the accident, the grandmother still tries to manipulate Bailey by acting like she was hurt limping out the car for he would not be mad at her. The accident causes the family to stand on the side of the road and wave down cars. It was a coincidence that during the process of waiting for someone, the grandmother waved down the Misfit and his two buddies. When the grandmother notice the Misfit she told him she felt like she have knew him all of her life and tell him I know you! which was a big mistake, she instantly starts telling him that he not one of common blood and he must come from nice people, trying to butter him up. As she kept talking to the Misfit, his buddies were taking the family to the woods and murdering them. While seeing that, the grandmother starts to panic
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