A Good Man Is Hard To Find Summary

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Summary of a secular interpretation of “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” In here we are going to summarize the secular interpretation of ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” And support the statement of Wisdom of a Grandmother. In the secular interpretation of ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find” Renner suggest that O’Connor tried to tell us that her books are full of spiritual and religious believes but Renner claims that a secular interpretation is more accurate. The relationship between the grandmother and the misfit is what Renner claims that it give the secular interpretation and not the religious and spiritual view. First we have to understand the reason for the grandmother actions. O’Connor shows her as the perfect picture of the southern lady like…show more content…
That is true O’Connor described her as the most loving tender heart women and maybe even reference that she may remind us of our own beloved family members. But again this was a selfish woman that even knowing what would happen she tried to get her way by using religious means. She tells the Misfit that “Jesus would help you” (O’Connor pg435). Why no tell him that he had Jesus love or that Jesus loves him either way. Who was she trying to convince that Jesus would help herself or the Misfit. “but somewhere along the line I done something wrong and got send to the penitentiary. I was burry alive”(O’Connor pg 435) Here is where the grandmother had finally come into the understanding about the things that are happening. This paragraph makes me think of the lack of faith and loss of hope that the Misfit has. The misfit tells her his story, about what happen to his father and the suffering for he thinks he is innocent and cant remember what has he done. The grandmother then realize that no amount of manipulation can get him to stop what he is doing. He is dead inside. O’Connor here makes the grandmother have a moment of final faith. When she claims the misfit as one of her own and touch him. He then kills her with three shoots in the
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