A Good Man Is Hard To Find Pride Essay

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Through St. Cyril’s quote the temptation of pride is present in each one of Flannery O’Connor’s short stories. In each short story the symbolic dragon (temptation) is exhibited in at least one character in each short story. The temptation that each character falls victim to is pride. The grandmother’s pride got in the way when she was badgering the family about doing what she wants to do, Mr. Shiftlet’s pride was ironic when he judges the earth for being slime when he himself is slime, and Mrs. McIntyre’s pride gets in between the marriage of Sulk and Mr. Guizac’s white cousin. In “A Good Man is Hard to Find” the grandmother’s selfish attitude and pride forces the family to change their traveling plans. The grandmother was persistent on going to Tennessee, but the rest of her family wanted to go elsewhere. After bothering her family enough she got her way. On this trip she convinces the family to take a small detour where they would meet their tragic fate of death. O’Connor shows how the grandmother’s selfish pride led to each one of the family members death. O’Connor’s short story “The Life You Save May Be Your…show more content…
McIntyre from the short story “The Displaced Person” displays pride which in turn causes a great deal of trouble on her farm. She hires a worker named Mr. Guizac who completes all of his tasks with a great amount of skill. She lets her pride get in the way when she finds out Mr. Guizac’s white cousin is going to marry one of her black employees. She does not believe in blacks and whites marrying so she takes her anger out on Mr. Guizac. She holds this grudge against him for the rest of his time on the farm. The other employees were looking to get revenge because he was doing a better job than they were. So they let the brakes on the tractor slip and this ran into Mr. Guizac which kills him. Mrs. McIntyre could have prevented this, but instead she just watches it all unfold. She let her pride get in the way and in turn an innocent man was
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