A Good Man Is Hard To Find Response

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Throughout the course of literature class, we have to read articles, stories, and poems then analyze them and make a response toward a few questions on the readings. One story that caught my attention and intrigues me the most is “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” by Flannery O’Connor. The story is about a family that consists of a Grandmother that is selfish, a critic, demanding, and determine to get whatever she wants. Bailey is the son of the grandmother and the father of June Star and John Wesley. Bailey mostly ignores his mom for many reasons but overall is very quiet. John Wesley is a rude and obnoxious boy and for June Star, she has the same but wants her voice to be heard. The Mom of the quiet but speaks in a few lines and always has her baby. The family sets off to a trip/vacation but aren’t sure where they are heading to. After arguing with the grandmother and then ignoring the grandmother, they decide to head to Florida and they weren’t the only ones heading the same way. The Misfit, a criminal that escapes the…show more content…
However at the end it’s clear that the reader’s reaction can change when she has the conversation with the Misfit, she repeatedly says “I know you’re a good man...You wouldn’t shoot a lady”(14-15), because the reader know thinks that she really is selfish but she’s also ignorant and petty. The only reason that the grandmother is saying positive things about the misfit is because her life is at risk and the second part of the quote shows that she cares about herself and doesn 't ask if he would kill all the family. It shows all her pettiness making the reader think “No wonder why June Star wants her dead”. This is the grandmother’s characteristics of being selfish, ignorant, petty and etc but underneath all the evil that the grandmother has there can be some good things in her just like the
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