A Good Name In The Crucible

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The Crucible Essay
How does someone acquire a good name? There is a multitude ways to obtain such a title and most are what you might expect. Being in a small town, a good name is very important and how you go about creating one is equally important
Reverend Parris prides himself on maintaining an amazing reputation throughout the play. Parris tries to do whatever it takes to have a good name in the town. He puts his own desires and needs above all others. This basically means that if it doesn’t affect him or his reputation, he doesn’t want any part in it. People in the town look up to people with a great reputation and value their opinion. Is it any wonder that the Reverend Parris would want to have a good name? In the play Reverend Parris is typically on the side that the majority is on. This is because he believes if he is on the “winning” side then his name will grow in standing. There is a turnaround in Parris’s beliefs at the ending of the play. Parris completely changes his views and opinions once the people start to turn on him. This is a terrific example of him just trying to protect himself and his reputation depending on the majority 's opinions. It is without any doubt that Reverend Parris only cares about himself and his own standing rather than the people’s needs.
Judge Danforth is a man who came about this name through his own pride and overall reputation. In The Crucible Judge Danforth is only guided by what he thinks God wants him to accomplish. Danforth
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