A Good President Essay

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"Shall it be peace, or the sword?" Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865). There are many qualities a president must have to be a good president. Those qualities include being the United States symbol of all people in the nation, being a good public speaker, taking control over the nations armed forces, and being the architect of the nation's public policies. Abraham Lincoln showed all of these great qualities during his presidency from 1861-1865.
Abraham Lincoln was an amazing symbol of the United States. Still to this day, everyone has good things to say about this man who was killed over 153 years ago. Lincoln was president through the United States Civil War and was able to keep the United States as a union. He was also the one to abolish slavery,
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Abraham Lincoln gave hundreds of speeches during his presidency, including the Gettysburg Address. Many people have said positive things about his great speeches. “He had not spoken ten minutes until everybody was carried away. We forgot all about his looks. Exeter was full of people of culture. It was a place to which people moved when they retired from active life. The audience was one of educated, cultivated people. I never heard such applause in that hall as Mr. Lincoln received that night. .... Every part fitted into the whole argument perfectly. As I recall it, the Exeter speech followed closely the lines of the Cooper Union address, which was on slavery. I suppose it had been carefully prepared. I know it captured all of us.”--Marshall Snow in Intimate Memories of Lincoln. Many of his important speeches include The Gettysburg Address, The Emancipation Proclamation, and his second inauguration speech. Many people say that Abraham Lincoln was an amazing speaker because of his 25 years of law he went through. Abraham Lincoln was one of the best presidents to give speeches. His speeches were meaningful and moving, making it easier to listen to him speak. I think it is an important quality because if you are a good speaker, it is more likely for people to listen and understand when they are
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