A Gorgeous Girl Like Me Analysis

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muse of Truffaut and will also be the main protagonist of A Gorgeous Girl Like Me where she plays a transgressive and violently playful young woman who will experience love as deeply connected to death and she is also the comic relief. In order to achieve her dream to be an artist of song, a singer she has to go through life the hard way. Our film absolutely delightfully drenched in light approaches the theme of the discovery of love through the eyes of children. There are very cinematic experiences here made by the children, cinema comes from the word kinetic which means movement. Through the actions of the children, he deconstructs the cinema. Those children will constantly move around and follow as well as torment the lovers in a playful way where they literally spy on them which is when they indulge in the spectacle of love as voyagers. Fascinating this theme will haunt Truffaut cinema until the end. Gazing at women, a childlike and transgressive way to experience eroticism. Truffaut cinema consistently shows the moving of women. The gaze as the original experience of childhood, exploration and expression. Truffaut uses slow motion to capture a…show more content…
The children in our film become the substitute for the filmmaker. The children constantly move around when they follow the lovers Gérard and Bernadette around. Cinema equals kinetic which is the movement making cinema the movement of images to make a film. Childhood and children as a dynamic force that is obsessed with the gaze. The director obsessed with gazing at the world and capturing its movement, love, sensuality, and the promise of pleasure and partnership. The construction of the couple and the child viewer are deeply involved in a spectacle that he is not supposed to watch. Gazing at love is the unreachable and also the prohibited. Truffaut just like the children in Les Mistons
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