A Gruesome Hunt In Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game

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A Gruesome Hunt
When discussing the act of hunting, many refer to the sport of as a way of keeping the population of animal species down; most would agree that nothing else should be hunted except animals. In Richard Connell’s, “The Most Dangerous Game”, Rainsford, a hunter and the protagonist, falls overboard from his ship and becomes lost at sea. He eventually comes across an island named Ship-Trap Island, which he finds to be inhabited. Rainsford then meets the antagonist, General Zaroff, who hunts human beings as animal game, and makes Rainsford his next victim. Characters in literature overcome obstacles by being resourceful, assessing the situation calmly and logically, and using the environment around them.
Characters in literature overcome obstacles by being resourceful. For example, as Rainsford navigates through the dense jungle to escape being killed by General Zaroff, Rainsford sees “three hundred yards from his hiding place… a huge tree leaned precariously on a smaller, living one… Rainsford [takes] his knife and [begins] to work with all his energy” (33). Rainsford’s attempts to stop General Zaroff from killing him become more difficult because Zaroff’s experience in hunting outweighs Rainsford’s. With only his knife, Rainsford is able to construct an expertly made trap. Although Rainsford’s Malay mancatcher failed to eliminate Zaroff
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In Richard Connell’s, “The Most Dangerous Game”, Rainsford is faced with a series of life threating obstacles that he is forced to overcome. Rainsford uses his superior strength and intelligence to weaken Zaroff through a variety of different traps. By eradicating Zaroff’s advantages one by one, Rainsford is able to end Zaroff and his reign of killing. Throughout his experiences, Rainsford comes to understand what it is like to be the prey, as opposed to the
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