A Happy Day And Your Happiest Day

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In this essay I will be talking, comparing and contrasting the topic I have chosen to be: your happies day to your saddest day. I chose this topic because it is something that both me and we all do and it 's normal. One day you are very happy but on the other may be your sad for a bad reason. I 'm sure we would all like to have a nice day and happy not one in which you are sad and nonprofit . So in this essay I will demonstrate that it is true what I say to those who do not think alike . liken both and teach them how good it is to have a good day. First, a happy day is one where these cheerful, good mood and these have a positive energy. You do good things and brighten someone who is sad and get a smile. We do not like to damage the day. The happiest day is the day that you could have when someone in your family get married, your brother was born, someone make a party, you went on a trip, spend a nice day with your family or with friends, is you’re your birthday, received a surprise or you did something good etc. But a happy day is not only because you received or is your birthday if not, you 're a happy person who likes to be happy and convey joy. The best thing about having a good and a happy day is that your good mood is contagious. The good vibes is what makes you a better person a person who does not like to be sad and if it tries not to think about the problem, always sees the positive side of things. In conclusion a happy day is the best thing you can always
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