A Happy New Year: The Worst Year Of My Life

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A Happy New Year to all my friends and family!!!! 2016 for me would have gone down in the history books as one of those horrific campfire tales I would tell your children late at night by the fire. Your children? Yes, because I sure the fuck don’t want any of those little emotional terrorist! Now, if I was to tell that story two months ago I would of said, “ 2016 was the worst year of my life I lost every…..blah…blah... blah...blah! That will no longer be how the tale is told. 2016 without a doubt will probably be the most influential year I will experience in the entirety of my life. Massive shifts of energy took place on cosmic levels. Mostly all of these shifts were negative, and very negative to say the least, since then things have started to evolve. Those negative experiences have started to transform, like a cicada rising from the depths of darkness after so long, to morph into something entirely different, serve their purpose, then die off completely, even quicker than they became. Why? With all this lose could I remember this year as anything different than terrible. There is one reason. That single reason has transformed the year, myself, and the rest of my existence. I have always lived a certain type of life. It is a life that is not suited for most. It comes with extreme swings, up and downs, gains and losses. This can be very problematic for most, but for me it is the only way to live. I felt so much pain to lose three things this year

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