A Haunted Halloween Short Story

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A Haunted Halloween In the town of Hull stone, on a Halloween night, four kids met up at Joe’s house to have a sleepover. Bob, Claire and Emily showed up at his house with their candy baskets. They left the house to go trick or treating in Joe’s neighborhood. The evening passed quickly as they had collected a lot of candy and they were returning to Joe’s house to begin their sleepover. On the ride back home, all was well until Bob suddenly stumbled upon a rock while riding his bike. Claire got off her bike to help Bob get up. It was a really quiet evening until they heard a crying baby from the mansion in front of them. The mansion had cobwebs all around the trees in the front yard, the glass windows were cracked and stained and left a trail of shattered glass on the brown grass. The house was distressed and it looked like it was made of black glass. An eerie mist was all around the place even though there wasn’t any fog that night but a full moon. Being the curious teenagers they were, they walked closer to the house stepping on broken twigs and dried leaves. They saw the front door open but as they approached the door it suddenly shut. They found a way to the back door and shuddered as they walked by a tombstone. ‘I don’t like this place’ said Emily while she pointed to an evil looking gargoyle with a spear. They entered…show more content…
The lights seemed to flicker and they could see the monster now. It was about six feet tall, hairy body and horrible yellow eyes. The children hid behind a battered sofa. It felt as though the werewolf had sensed their presence because it was now sniffing around the room. It came near the sofa now and took a pillow in his teeth and shook it around until the remainder of feathers in it came out. Then Claire squeaked and the werewolf turned the sofa upside down and the children screamed and
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