Process Essay: The Value Of Happy Relationships

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Satsifying relationships can be a wonderful source of happiness and support throughout your life, whether they are platonic, familial or romantic. Happy relationships provide you with strength in every aspect of your wellbeing, whether it 's mental health, physical health or the connections that you build with others. On the flip side, though, an unsatisfying relationship can drain you emotionally. Building a satisfying relationship takes time, it takes dedication, commit. It doesn 't come easy or naturally, it requires work, the ability to adapt, and in a romantic relationship, it 's important to learn how to change and grow with your partner. It truly doesn 't matter what type of relationship you have right now, you can improve it and…show more content…
It 's the key to any healthy and satisfying relationship. When both parties are comfortable in expressing their wants, hopes, needs, and fears it 's only going to strengthen the bond between them. It 's also imperative to understand that communication goes beyond what you say. You should also take notice of what others are saying with their body language. Sometimes words and actions fail to match up and if this is what you are guilty of (or someone else is) your communication isn 't open and honest, someone is merely saying the right things to smooth things over or sweep issues under the carpet. While it may be an effective short-term solution, the issue will build up and result in resentment and a blowup will eventually be…show more content…
It 's vital that you maintain interests and other relationships outside of each other. You can 't spend all of your time with one person, even if you enjoy their company and feel comfortable being with them, platonic or romantic. It 's important that you build strong connections with others, pursue activities that you enjoy, and live a rich life of your own. You are your own person, after all, and it 's vital that you maintain that on its own. Your hobbies shouldn 't get thrown out the

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