A Heartbreaking Genius Analysis

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A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius is a memoir by Dave Eggers released in 2000. The memoir is about two parents that are really ill and died of cancer and left one of their sons to take care of the youngest sibling who is seven years old and his name is Toph. Eggers tells his story of how his life and his brother go about irresponsibly to maturity and acceptance. This memoir is indeed heartbreaking, touching but most of all amusing. Through A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius, Eggers corroborates highly descriptive scenes to enhance the reader's understanding of how his mother indisposition is being hyperbolic
Throughout the memoir, the author uses very exaggerating literacy that heightens how the illness of her mother’s is being emphasis and how it's seen as alien. ‘“ They had “open her up”-a phase they used - and has looked inside, it was staring out at them, at the doctor's, like a thousand writhing worms under a rock, swarming, shimmering, wet and oily- Good God !- or maybe not like
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“They took my mother’s stomach out about six months ago. At that point, there wasn’t a lot left to remove- the-they had already taken out…..Hoped that they had removed the offending portion, and set her on a schedule. But of course, they didn’t get it all. They had left some of it and it had grown, it had come back, it had laid eggs, was stowed away, was stuck to the side of the spaceship” (Eggers 3-4). The reason is why would he instead use this kind of term to put into his writing when he can use more sophisticated vocab. Anyways the use of his literacy is very hyperbolic. The way he articulates throughout the sickness of the character in the memoir is very well hyperbolic. The illness of the mother is very overemphasize the choice of words and how he explains the sickness is very child
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