A Hero: Nicholas Winton As A Hero

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Nicholas Winton was a normal man living life until he found out what Germany was doing to all Jewish people. After he found out what Nazis were doing because of Hitler he knew that in Britain, people were trying well working on saving the Jewish children that were from Germany and Austria. The mission was called Kindertransport. He also realized that no one was trying or working on saving the children from Czechoslovakia. Winton started to organize a rescue operation to save them. People spread the word that he was putting the effort to save the children from Czechoslovakia so thousands of parents were lining up. People begged and begged for Winton to save their children. After he had returned to Britain and started to work on arranging the…show more content…
Winton also needed money to return those kids to their homes after the war. He made a list of 6,000 children and he put pictures up so British families could take them in. Winton had arranged the trains to go from Prague to the Netherlands, ferries to take the kids across the North Sea, and the money he needed for this to be possible. I think Nicholas Winton was indeed a Hero. Just reading about all that he has done and putting the effort to save lives especially young lives that still haven't lived their lives fully that a Hero. He did whatever possible to save the kids from Czechoslovakia and I think that's what makes him a hero putting an effort and doing all you can to save lives. The fact that he managed to save 669 children is huge because those kids had a chance to live and tell his and their story. Even during the war he served in the Royal Air Force and still supported refugee organizations. In my book that makes him a hero because even after saving the kids he put his life at risk by going into battle and he still supported Refugee organizations I mean someone who would go through all that struggle deserves to be a hero and deserves to be recognized. I would say Thank You so much to him because he saves the next generation of kids who can now live and tell his
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