A Hero: Oskar Schindler As A Hero

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The definition of a hero is someone who always thinks about others and tried/tries to save lives, therefore, Oskar Schindler is a hero. Oskar Schindler is a hero because he was mad and thought about the Jews after he witnessed the massacre of the Jews in the town. He tries to buy all his workers back from the concentration camps when a typo error occured to save them. Schindler also goes out of his way to save his worker’s children from Auschwitz. Schindler was thinking about the Jews after he witnessed the massacre and makes up an excuse by saying it’s “bad business” in an angry tone when he is talking with Goeth, but he was just feeling bad for the Jews. This example shows that Schindler is heroic because he realizes that the Jews are being mistreated and makes him realize that he has to do something about this and shows his emotions when talking to Goeth after the incident. Someone might say that this is unheroic because this example shows no action of him being heroic or saving anyone. This is heroic because this could be considered as the Call to Adventure/Increased awareness in the Hero’s Journey and is basically the turning point in his life. Schindler starts to become a better person and take action like how Spider Man realizes that he must stop crime after he sees his uncle die from a criminal and use his power for good. Schindler’s “power” could be his money that he used in order to save the Jews and even buying/providing the Jews with food. Another example that

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