A Hero: The Hero Of Rosa Parks

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Imagine that you are of the minority, sitting on a city bus, and asked to move. Do you move or do you hold your ground? For this one woman, she held her ground. She resisted the law and risked getting arrested, all to make a point. She did it not only for herself but for her fellow African Americans as well. She was a strong willed woman that fought for what she wanted. Her name is Rosa Parks, and she is a hero. Mrs. Parks contributed many things to gaining rights for African Americans. She was a voice for many who could not speak for themselves and she was a hero to all. Parks acquires many characteristics that are heroic, whether it’s through her high amount of courage, her selfless attitude or her well tempered personality.
After working a long day and claiming yourself a bus seat, you can finally take a breath of relief that your day is over. Well that’s if nobody comes and demands that you get up and give your seat to another person, being a different skin color than you. Rosa Parks had worked a full day at the Montgomery Fair department store. She got her a bus ride back home and took her seat, the bus began to fill up quickly with white people, which resulted in her and three other colored people being ask to give up their seats. But on a day in 1955, Rosa Parks refused that day. She mentioned that “I was not tired physically… No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.” (history.com, para. 9) Parks standing up to the bus driver took a grand amount of courage.

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