A Hero's Guide To Saving Your Kingdom Ella Character Analysis

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Most stories follow a pattern that can be traced back to mythology. This pattern is called the hero’s journey. This shows the most successful character’s path, from the call to adventure to the return with the elixir. In A Hero’s Guide To Saving Your Kingdom, one of the main characters is a girl named Ella. Ella is the most successful character out of A Hero’s Guide To Saving Your Kingdom and is also the archetypal hero based off of her Hero’s Journey. She proves herself to be an archetypal hero specifically with her tests/allies/enemies, her ordeal, and, lastly, her reward. First, Ella proves she is an archetypal hero by her allies, enemies, and the different tests she has to go through. Ella is engaged to Frederic, and Frederic goes on a quest with his friends Duncan, Gustav, and Liam. She ends up working with the four of them against Zaubera, the evil witch. Ella has two tests in…show more content…
“Tremendous flower arrangements adorned every corner along the parade route, and a marching band raised their horns in a musical victory salute. Nearly the entire population of Sturmhagen-as well as hundreds of cheering admirers from neighboring kingdoms-turned out for the celebration. They all saw the banners that read HOORAY FOR CINDERELLA AND HER LEAGUE OF PRINCES!” (425). Gustav, Liam, Duncan, Frederic, and her all get a parade and statues in their honor once Ella is freed from the vines. They also get a song written for them by the bards that they saved from the witch Zaubera’s castle. The hero’s journey of A Hero’s Guide To Saving Your Kingdom is clearly seen for most of the characters, but Ella (being the archetypal hero) has the most important hero’s journey. It proves its importance by the allies/enemies/tests, the ordeal, and the reward being major parts of the book. Mythology and writing now are similar, with the fact that the hero’s journey is a pattern that never went
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