A Hero's Journey

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I woke up in a dark room with a massive headache that beat like a drum. I slowly got up and tried to remember what happened. I remember a huge storm that ravaged the west coast, then a space-ship came down and started to abduct people. “Oh no, I have been abducted!” I screamed to myself. As I said that the door opened, and light flooded into the dark room. My jaw dropped as I saw a huge poster behind me and it looked almost like animal cell. The man who opened the door said to me, “Come with me, now”. I started to walk with him down a series of windy roads that seemed to go on for miles, and there would be blobs of matter that would move through the pathways. After about a half an hour of walking, the smooth pathway turned into a…show more content…
“Where are we even going?” I ask. “I am going to give you a tour of the city, now that I have done my errand.” He said that with a look of pleasure. “Okay.” I said happy that I wasn’t going somewhere bad. We ride along in the bus and we say nothing. I break the silence and say, “ What is your name?”. “Tyler”, he said. “What is your name?” he asked. “ I am David.” We ride along and Tyler shows me the structures of the city that help provide stability, he called them Tubules and Filaments. He also showed me the “Splitter of the chips.” These basically were structures that split the chips that held information when it was time for the splitting of the city. “Why does the city split?” I asked. “It helps the thing we are trying to build easier, see the more cities the more functions we can do to help create the thing we are building.” “That’s cool.” I said. He tells me that the city is really in a watery environment and the city has a tail and hairs that help it move through the liquids. The hairlike structures help substances pass over the city and the tail whips around and helps the city…show more content…
It is also the restroom part of the city. Tyler said that this is where everyone has to eat their food and use the restroom. A few football fields away was a power station and it seemed that all the buildings were hooked up to it. “What about that thing Tyler?” I asked him. “That is the power station of the city there are lots of them but that one is the biggest.” After lunch we headed up to the Town Hall of the city. I was surrounded by a gate that let certain people in and out of the building. We got through one of the doors in the gate, but it was heavily guarded. After we got through we went straight to the Builder’s room Tyler told me that this is where “The building blocks of the city” are assembled. We go in and sure enough we see the round red balls floating out a door and into the city. Then we go into the “Chip” room where the information to the city is stored. We leave the building after and Tyler says “Okay you are now a part of the City. “Wait I need to get back to where I came from!” I yelled at him “There is no way back!”

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