A Hero's Journey Research Paper

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On March 18th 1959, on the outskirts of Tibet, my grandfather Lhagyal Kamsang traveled with his father, Baba Chodar and with a group of Tibetans to New Delhi, India after China’s occupation of Tibet. Lhagyal was walking with his father, Baba chodar and with a group of Tibetans who wanted a new life in India. They followed a trail that lead to the border of India, the trail was surrounded with thin towering trees that could touch the clouds and the pathway would often twist as if it was a slithering snake. A delicate white mist would always surround the group of travelers and the gust of wind would provide them a blanket of wind. The group was filled with hopeful people who wanted a change in their lives and were willing to push…show more content…
Lhaygal turned his head and asked his father why they left Tibet for India. And Baba replied with “We are going to India because ever since the uprising in Lhasa, the PLA went against the Tibetan resistance and destroyed Lhasa 's major monasteries along with thousands of their citizens. We are on this journey,so we can move to New Delhi, India and have a new life”. Lhagyal turned his head back and nodded in agreement. Lhagyal was soon deep in his own thoughts.He wondered about many things about his new life in India.Who would he meet? What kind of job would he get? Or most importantly, how would he understand the different language? But Lhagyal soon came back into reality when he heard a thud sound. Lhagyal and the group of Tibetans turned their head and saw Baba Chodar faint. Lhagyal and three other Tibetans ran to the Baba and put him on his back. A pillow was placed underneath his neck and a blanket over him. After ten minutes, Baba said he fainted because of hunger and the group decided to camp out for the…show more content…
They walked through the thin narrow trees for two hours and have yet to find anything. They felt the cold wind creep up on their necks and slowly walk its way down into their spines. The two Tibetans rubbed their own hands together repeatedly for warmth as if they were going to magically start a fire. Lhaygal faced the rifle towards the ground, placing his left hand underneath the old wooden barrel and his right hand on the grip while his right index finger rested on the trigger guard. He couldn 't think on how cold it was because the only thought he had was that he will soon have to end another beings life. The three men then heard a noise over a small hill. Lhaygal pressed his right index and middle fingers against his lips and looked at both of the men. He then crouched and slowly walked up the small hill. When he reached to the top, he laid down and crawled inside a bush that could easily hide him. He saw two deers and knew what had to be done. Lhagyal pressed his right cheek onto the stock of the gun and slowly felt how cold it was. He started to exhale more than he could inhale. Lhaygal retracted his finger from the trigger guard and placed it slowly onto the trigger. He adjusted the sights onto the deers and sweat started to accumulate quickly. His heart sounded like drums were being pounded as hard as they could and in any second his heart would burst.
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