A History Of The World In 6 Glasses Essay

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Throughout human history, many different things affected culture and history as a whole. From laws, to inventions, to technological advancements. One thing most people do not consider to be part of this list is drinks. In the book “A History of the World in 6 Glasses” by Tom Standage, six different drinks that heavily affected world history are discussed and analyzed. Beer and wine had an extensive effect on the world, but coffee is, without question, the most influential of the three.
Beer was an amazing discovery that changed the course of history forever. It was used for religious ceremonies, as a source of currency, and it had many other uses through the course of ancient and modern history. When exactly beer was first discovered is not
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This drink originated in the Middle East, heavily influenced by Arabian culture. Over the course of many years, coffee made its way to Europe through trade and helped Europe to come out of its drunken and alcohol induced haze that has lasted for centuries. This, in of itself, is a huge impact to history, despite the fact that Europe had been drinking mostly alcohol for the past few centuries and the people 's initial dislike of coffee, the drink somehow managed to take over the Western World. Those who drank coffee instead of alcohol in the morning began the day alert and stimulated, rather than relaxed and mildly intoxicated, making the quality of their work better. Coffeehouses became a social center to discuss current events, philosophy and science. While coffee faced many objections, no one was able to stop its reign and popularity growth through the western world. Not King Charles II (who believed conspirators and traitors gathered in coffeehouses). Not the people who were prejudice to Arabic people (who feared coffee due to its close association with Arabians), Or even the Great Fire of London (which burned down most coffeehouses in London in
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