Analysis Of A Hope In The Unseen By Ron Suskind

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The novel , “A Hope In The Unseen” written by author and journalist Ron Suskind is a bibliography based on his life from the last years in high school and first years in college. He uses the name Cedric Jennings to hide his identity, but as a young African American boy his life has been quite tough since birth some may infer. His high school days in particular are quite interesting and has shaped him. Yet, when Cedric enters his dream school, “Brown” he starts his journey into his “new” life. Throughout the book Cedric encounters challenges due to his race and intellect that affect his decisions and surroundings. Hence having traveled too far to turn back, Cedric is left to rely on his faith, intelligence, and his determination to keep the future full of acceptance and reward that he struggles, each day, to envision.…show more content…
Lavar wanted to be called Cedric, however, after his father. He began to get good grades and praise from his teachers. At church he became a soloist in the choir and was featured on TV. Barbara was proud and paid her tithe willingly to the church believing it was helping Lavar survive. Little Lavar or Cedric was bussed to Jefferson Middle School for talented minority students. He found friends and began to blossom and this is where his journey began. Growing up cedric has always been around unwanted circumstances. Such as the thugs, gangbangers and anyone that was typically a threat or the opposite of what Cedric’s mother wanted him to be. Making it clear that, “Reaching out to any fellow ghetto kids is an act he put in the same category as doing drugs.” (18). This quote explains that hopes and expectations that she has for him. Just hoping that ultimately Cedric doesn’t fall under the legacy of his father and other “hoodlums” that he’s used to seeing daily while coming and going to

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