A Horseman In The Sky Analysis

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1. Who is narrating the story?
The narrator of this short story is not a character of “A Horseman in the Sky” because the text uses third-person narrative mode according for example to the first line of the first paragraph “a soldier lay in clump of laurel” or the second line “He lay”. The use of “He” underlines the narrator point of view that is omniscient.
2. Summarize each section.
1st section: The first part introduces the setting of this short story. Indeed, the narrator explain when the scene takes place according to the first line “One sunny afternoon in the autumn of the year 1861” and also where the scene takes place “in Western Virginia”. This brief description allows the reader to know that the short story takes place during the
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In fact, we saw in this story that the main who is a young soldier kills his father due to the pressure of his duty. Then, the author wants to demonstrate that duty is more significant than family during war time.

8. How did you react when the identity of the horseman was revealed?
When the identity of the horseman was revealed, my first reaction was surprised because I realize that Druse kills his own father and I understood why every kinds of war are destructive for family relationships. I realize also the significance of the duty for a soldier because if Druse didn’t kill his father, he can be considered as a criminal.

9. What do you think the author’s messages are concerning “duty”, “family” and “war”?

in this short story, the author would like to denounce firstly the war and the conditions of leaving that known soldiers. Moreover, this story underlines the importance at this time of the duty in terms of the family. In fact, Druse, a young man has to leave his family to defend his state and at the end of the story, he kills his father under the pressure of the duty. Then, we can say that the duty has clearly a destructive power over family and a negative impact on relationships and life. Indeed, family is less important than military duty at this
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