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During the 1960s, events such as the rise of the civil rights movement and the war in Vietnam influenced Americans in the music industry where artist created dishearten lyrics for their songs. These events had created a gloomy vibe in society that some artist inspired songs to reflect what some citizen dealt in their everyday life in a society affected by the struggle for social equality and the effects of a war that still continued.
Before the Civil rights movements interracial romantic relationships were unaccepted or considered taboo by society and in the song called “El Paso” the audience can make a connection to it. “El Paso” is one of Marty Robbins’ most beloved ballads recorded in 1959 at the start of the Civil rights movement. The
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The song is also a love song that talks about a break up and dealing with depression afterwards structure and society throughtout the years.n history because they have shape the nation in pas had teh them and society and mbut the audience can also make a reference to the events prior and during the Vietnam war. For example, during the verses the song talks about simple things that nature causes such as the sun shining and they not knowing is the end of the world can have referred to Americans living everyday as normal as they could, like nature even when thousands of people were dying and other lost love ones in a catastrophic world. The song talks about losing someone dear when it says “when you said goodbye” and during the war the U.S.A drafted many man to fight and this caused panic in society to lose love ones and fearing the worst outcome in battles that some flee the country for fear of the war. The Vietnam war was one of the many that caused Americans to be confused and have negative feeling towards it that it was reflected throughout culturally in different form even in music as depressing love stories as in “The end of the…show more content…
Americans saw a gradual change and hope at the end of the decade and this also influence music at the time. In 1967, a group called “Lover & Friend recorded a song called “Reach out of the Darkness”.
The song talks about reaching out to people and enjoying love. The lyrics include phrases such as “I think it 's so groovy now that people are finally getting together I thinks it 's wonderful”. The beat to the song and the lyrics evoke more happiness and even hope after past sad events, but we can still hear the influence of a slow ballad in some parts of the song. The song also mentions not to be afraid and to get out of the depressing feelings the 1060s had influence in the American people.
In the decade of the 1960s Americans witness many events that had affected history and society in many levels that at the time were seem as struggles and caused panic, fear, and depression in society, but at the end they recover from them. The changes these events impacted are huge in history because they have shape the nation structure and society throughout the years. The society and music evolved after them in a positive way resulting in the end of racial discrimination were African Americans after many struggles and sacrifices were able to be accepted as equal. They had same rights as any American Citizen to be
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