A Informative Speech On 9/11

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9/11 we all know and some of us remember, some weren 't even born. I 'm going to talk a little about it. I’ll talk about when, where, and what was destroyed.And about the man behind all of it, and the impact on us today.(www.express.co.uk) It was september 11, 2001 when the twin towers in New York were attacked. It was a sad time all around the United States. It took fire fighters 100 days to put out all the fire. It was a terror attack by Osama bin laden that new how to brain wash others.(www.express.co.uk) Many things were destroyed and people hurt in the terror attack. Works by Picasso and Hockney were among estimated
$100 million of art lost. 11 unborn babies died in the attack to. The cost of cleaning the 1.8 tons of debris was an
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