A Kid Like Jake Play Analysis

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3 In the modern-day parents often struggle with raising children. In the play, A Kid Like Jake two parents struggle with raising a five-year-old boy who is beginning to defy his genders standards. As Jake is interviewing for high-class preschool, he begins developing behavior issues meanwhile his parent’s relationship weakens when fertility problems are presented. This performance covers many societal issues making it an effective way to start a conversation. Jake prefers dressing up and Cinderella then he does trucks and Legos. This raises some questions about Jake gender identity. There are a few percentage of children who have a gender identity crisis, this meaning they are born in the wrong gendered body. This play brings this less mentioned…show more content…
We only hear stories about Jake and the behavior he has in the classroom, at home, and during interviews. This is done in order to send a message about listening and understanding. At no point in the play do Jake’s parents ask him how he is feeling and try to understand him. Both parents only focus on the negative behavior. The only time someone asks Jake what he is feeling is during the many interviews the audience hears about. In almost all the interviews Jake misbehaves, this shows something is bothering him. Even at the end of the play, he throws his favorite and fragile figurine at his grandma. Earlier in the book, he cried when the toy was broken, now he purposely broke it. This signifies a major change in Jakes attitude and relays that he is not happy anymore. His mother instead of trying to understand why immediately starts threatening punishment. It is significant that she did not even try to stop and understand the reasoning behind his actions. This scene is very important because it is a big breaking point for Jake. As a four to five-year-old boy going through a ton of high-class preschool interviews it is excepted Jake will act out. With him additionally seeing his parents struggle with infertility and them beginning to fight, misbehavior is expected. However, the way a child expresses themselves is a way of coping. If parents are constantly shutting down his expression it can lead to future issues. This
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