A Land So Strange Analysis

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Personalities can dictate a lot of what can happen between two groups of people. In A Land So Strange, the Europeans are described as having an authoritative and aggressive personality toward the Indians. Though early in the expedition the personalities of the Europeans were more on the friendly side, the personalities quickly evolved becoming very unfriendly. The Europeans used their authoritative personality to their advantage but left a sour taste in the Indians’ mouth about what explorers acted like. The sour taste led to the Indians becoming aggressive toward the Europeans. The sour taste flipped the script from the Europeans conquering the Indians to the Indians conquering the Europeans. The personalities of the Europeans caused the expedition to end in tragedy and suffering for many. The personalities of the Europeans when the first contact is…show more content…
The first search party sent arrived in Tampa and was met immediately by Indians. Resendez writes “The Indians seized them immediately. The older man was killed in the ensuing scuffle. Juan Ortiz survived but was taken hostage.” The greed and unfair treatment of the Indians by the Europeans truly set them up for what they essentially deserved. The ways in which the Europeans acted toward the Indians was dictated by their own personalities. Narváez played a large role in how the rest of his crew was treated and how other Europeans were as well. The language barrier between the two groups was not the main issue, the issue was the treatment of each group. The treatment was due to greedy personalities as well as authoritative ones. The actions of the Europeans and Indians truly spoke louder than the words that were exchanged between the two groups. The Europeans treated the Indians harshly, took hostages, and attacked them, in return the Indians did the
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