Ikea Leadership Strategy Case Study

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2.2 CREATE A LEADERSHIP STRATEGY THAT SUPPORTS ORGANIZATIONAL DIRECTION Improving design and development function IKEA is making such kind of furniture which is actually the substitute of old kind of furniture which was heavy, difficult to dispose of and expensive in price but IKEA is providing easy to assemble and disposable, cheap but good quality furniture. In order to compete with this furniture IKEA needs to keep up with latest trends by making it’s design and product development function more effective. Discovering new suppliers IKEA is known for it’s cheap prices with good quality material. So IKEA needs to take steps to reduce it’s cost by discovering new suppliers round the globe who can provide good quality raw material with low…show more content…
Technology is also a big challenge for IKEA’s leadership. Technology is growing very rapidly. E-business is growing very fast. IKEA as well as it’s competitors are offering online shopping so IKEA’s leadership needs to bring innovation into their thoughts and developing online marketing skills to meet the challenges. d.As the some brand names have become very famous so these brands are affecting sales of small businesses therefore many large businesses are taking over small businesses. So IKEA’s leadership needs to develop such skills due to which they can determine that whether they need to take over a business and when they need to do so. Because a wrong analysis could cost an organization a huge amount of money as it is very sensitive issue. 4.1 PLAN THE DEVELOPMENT OF LEADERSHIP SKILLS FOR A SPECIFIC REQUIREMENT The development of leadership skills are much needed in a big business like IKEA for competing successfully and conquering organizational goals. Human resource is a very important function of IKEA as there are 155000 co-workers are working for IKEA. Source: B, I.I.S. 2013 About the IKEA group. Available athttp://www.ikea.com/ms/en_US/this-is-ikea/company-information/ (Accessed on:20 February
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