A Lesson Before Dying Analysis

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In A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines I believe Grant Wiggins controlled his future. In the story Grant has an inner struggle with himself and the world around him while trying to help Jefferson, field worker, become a man. Jefferson has been branded a hog and has been sentenced to death after being charged with murder by an all white jury. Miss Emma, Jefferson’s godmother, and Tante Lou, Grant’s aunt, want Grant to help make Jefferson a man so he can die with dignity. He is helped by Vivian, Grants girlfriend, and Reverend Ambrose to make Jefferson a man. I believe Grant controlled most of his life in the story. He chooses to quit his job and become a teacher, he chooses between leaving or staying in Bayonne Louisiana, and he decides to keep on helping Jefferson. Grant evolves throughout the story and makes choices that help him become a man alongside with Jefferson. One of Grant 's first decisions is to leave Bayonne and study to become a teacher. Grant doesn’t want to keep on doing what he has been doing so he decides to leave and go study in California. He becomes a teacher and returns to Bayonne to teach at his old school because he wants to try and change the vicious cycle that has consumed people of his town. Grant thinks he will be treated differently because he is more educated than most of the people in his town, but he is wrong. He is still treated the same by white people even if he is smarter than them. Mr. Antoine, Grants former teacher, tells Grant,
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