A Lesson Before Dying Character Analysis

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In the novel, A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines, the ladies have an imperative and strong part. They hold the role of being foundations of the community and family. Tante Lou, Miss Emma and Vivian are the women that surround Grant. They are all spark plugs for Grant’s change of attitude of bitterness. Miss Emma, Jefferson's godmother parent, and Tante Lou, Grant's aunt, were devoted to Grant helping Jefferson since they saw how similar the two are. Which happened to be genuine in light of the fact that they could benefit from each other. Grant’s girlfriend, Vivian strongly affects him also. She plays his second inner voice and supporter. The women of the novel, play a key part in the transformation of Jefferson and Grant, who begin…show more content…
She is the first character to show compassion for Jefferson after he is convicted. Her love for Jefferson is to the point that his conviction is making her ill. Miss Emma uses her power of being Tante Lou’s best friend to almost tell Grant what to do without actually forcing him. She urges Grant to visit Jefferson after Jefferson took defense at his attorney’s words to heart, QUOTE. Jefferson sees himself as more animal than man, and Miss Emma wants him to learn to be a man before his execution and face his death as a man. Grant's visits with Jefferson led Jefferson to the electric as a man and Grant, himself, changing his negative attitude towards his community and life. Miss Emma started their transformation with acting upon her knowledge that Grant could help Jefferson. Her influence was there even she was not present. She made Jefferson a basket of some of his favorite food but Jefferson refused to eat because he believed there was no point. Grant convinced Jefferson to eat the meal for Miss Emma’s sake, that it would make her happy, QUOTE. He knew how much Jefferson loved Miss Emma. Grant could get the most credit for Jefferson's transformation and redemption and vice versa, but it was Miss Emma's bold act that triggered their new found
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