Character Analysis: A Lesson Before Dying By Ernest J. Gaines

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In the novel, A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines, the ladies have an imperative and strong part. They hold the role of being foundations of the community and family. Tante Lou, Miss Emma and Vivian are the women that surround Grant. They are all spark plugs for Grant’s change of attitude of bitterness. Miss Emma, Jefferson's godmother parent, and Tante Lou, Grant's aunt, were devoted to Grant helping Jefferson since they saw how similar the two are. Which happened to be genuine in light of the fact that they could benefit from each other. Grant’s girlfriend, Vivian strongly affects him also. She plays his second inner voice and supporter. The women of the novel, play a key part in the transformation of Jefferson and Grant, who begin …show more content…

Vivian is a teacher like Grant. Her relationship with Grant is not simple, she is amidst a separation and needs to see it through to have remaining custody of her children. Grant's desires are to escape their community with expectations of something better yet Vivian's circumstance keeps him back, PAGE 93. Vivian is one of the two vital individuals throughout Grant's life that assist him progress as a person. She goes about as somewhat as his conscience. Grant, all through the novel, would begin losing faith and talking bleak, and at those circumstances, Vivian will help him to remember his sense of duty regarding his students, “We're teachers, and we have a commitment” (4 65-71). At the point when Vivian stands firm and rejects Grant's offer in escaping the town, he does not endeavor to alter her opinion. This demonstrates he needs her to reject him and influence him to remain. She perceives that Grant is committed to his community, regardless of whether he is not willing to let it be known. Grant does not get irate or frantic at Vivian, he tunes in to her recommendation. Vivian also plays a role in her society. She is not as candid as Miss Emma or Tante Lou but she is still a strong woman. Vivian gives her students hope for the future by building their confidence and helping them end up plainly contributing individuals of the community. Vivian's effect on Grant enabled him to see …show more content…

Tante Lou and Miss Emma demonstrate a considerable measure of compassion to Grant and Jefferson when they cook for them and push them on the correct tracks. Their bothering and encouraging helped Grant change his perspective and Jefferson walk to the electric chair as a man. Vivian helped Grant see that he needed to contribute in the difference of the society he lives in. He wanted to have an effect in the lives of the kids and grown-ups of the town. His first contribution to making a difference is Jefferson and without the help of Tante Lou, Miss Emma and Vivian it would not have been possible for

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