A Lesson Before Dying Jefferson Character Analysis

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Throughout the course of the book A Lesson Before Dying, written by Ernest J. Gaines, Jefferson has many challenges that he faces and new concepts that he must learn for the sake of others. These challenges include becoming a man for Miss Emma. He also goes through many other small challenges such as talking to his visitors and writing in the notepad that Grant brought for him to record his feelings. Compared to other men included in this story Jefferson is seen as a wimp but through these challenges he becomes more of a man and hero than all other men. Jefferson is the most transformed and matured character that is included in this story. Jefferson must be a man for Miss Emma's sake. He must do this because she is old and does not have much time left. Thus, Grant wants to help Jefferson become a man before he is killed so it is less…show more content…
Jefferson went through an intense change and through that change he went from being a not so well know kid from the town to a hero. Compared to Grant, Jefferson is a better man, this is because Grant will not face his fears of leaving the town and will not move on with his life. Jefferson is being helped by grant but Jefferson is seen as a hero. Grant and Miss Emma see Jefferson as a hero because of the way he can sacrifice his personal happiness for the sake and pleasure of others. Compared to other and most men in the small community Jefferson is more of a man than most of them because of his ability to face his fears and not be afraid. Compared to men like Grant, Jefferson seems like a better and bigger man but to them he isn't just a bigger man but a hero. He helped him realize that in order to become a man you must face your fears and do what you want regardless of fears, and sacrifice personal pleasure for the happiness and pleasure of
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