A Lesson Before Dying Quote Analysis

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In the novel, A Lesson Before Dying written by Ernest J.Gaines takes place in a small town located in Louisiana in the 1940s. The most important lesson learned in the novel is to fight for yourself and what you believe and also to never give up . In the novel lesson before dying lesson is proved through this characters; Grant, Jefferson, and Emma. Grant is an example of never give up changes still happens. Grant is an elementary school teacher in his hometown Louisiana . He struggles to manage with the white society and how badly he is treated. Due to that, he fears failure he feels he cannot help the community because he feels that if he tries to make changes he will fail and the community will still stay same. Grant perspective changes throughout when Tate Lou convinces him to visit Jefferson. ” You the teacher Grant Wiggin you are gonna go up to that jail and make him know he is a man”. (audiobook). This quote is said by Tate Lou to Grant convincing him to go visit Jefferson. With the help of Tate Lou making Grant visit Jefferson it made Grant feel more positive about himself.Another example…show more content…
In the novel A lesson Before Dying it says that you have to fight for your rights and yourself and never give up because if you keep trying changes can still happen and you will feel a sense of accomplishment in your life. Overall in the paragraph it shows that Jefferson does fight for himself as an individual , Grant does believe changes can still if he tries and harder and lastly Tante Lou sets the stage for Grant and Jefferson showing that you have to stand up for your rights. Overall I think these lessons do show that you have to stand up for yourself and be strong and never give up. Because fighting for what you believe will make the community better and inspire other people if you keep trying you will feel better about yourself and will inspire other people to do something as
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