A Letter From A Birmingham Jail Rhetorical Analysis

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Martin King 's “A Letter From A Birmingham Jail” is a sophisticated argument that gets to the point, but also gets deep and emotional. Unlike Swift, King uses ethos, pathos, and logos to get into the personal level of his audience. While pointing out his valid ideas and arguments with reason. With getting on the personal level King explained to the peoples on his view of what was right and unjust. I believe King’s letter had a stronger argument than Swifts because King knew what his ultimate goal was. He was swaying people to his side of supporting equality while I felt like I had to solve a puzzle to find out what Swift was trying to accomplish. I also felt like Swifts audience did not understand his satire. King truly believes what he is fighting for and with that mindset, nothing is unreachable. Swift did not believe in what he was saying, he only wanted to catch the people attention on problems he never clearly states. King’s uses ethos in ways that are easy to point out and seems to be his technique all the way through his letter. Martin Luther King Jr. mentions his own kids and their personal experiences, along with his experiences to show that he knows what he is talking about because he has in fact experienced all the injustices. King is also calm which appeals to his calm nature and showing no harm with fighting for civil rights and equality with the use of nonviolence which he addresses in his letter (In any nonviolent Campaign there are four basic steps…)(1).
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