A Letter To My Son Analysis

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A Letter to My Son Coates' letter has strong feelings towards the injustices that blacks have encountered for generations. Coates uses deep words and historical events to explain to his son what his life will be when he grow up. The fact that he decides to write this letter to his son impacts my experiences as a reader because his son is just a kid. His son does not have any knowledge of what is going around him in regards of racism because he is just a little kid. He might not understood or took it personal when a white woman pushed him and said, "Come on!" Coates reacts like any parent would, but he is threaten with the police just because he is black. He is tired to experience and see these injustices. He is trapped on his own black body as well as his son. Throughout the entire letter, I feel Coates' disappointment; anger; and sadness. I feel that he wish he had another history to tell his son; to embrace some kind of hope in his son's future; to tell him that being black does not put his life in risk from being taken away. Coates knows that when his son soon or later will eventually start wondering about why he is being treated unfairly or different. He will begin to see the police brutality among his racial group; how many blacks of different ages get killed by the police just because they…show more content…
Their skin color carries a long history of slavery, racism, discrimination, prejudices, and negative stereotypes. These factors have been taking black people's right to live freely for a long period of time. There is no hope for social change because even those who are entitled to protect the community and its people (law enforcement) are abusing of their power to destroy blacks. Blacks live constantly under fear of having their lives taken away from them at any
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